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This is Philippine

From lullabies to sincere popsongs.

Big fan of Lennon Stella and Julia Michaels? Looking for music that combines 80s influences with a modern production and catchy hooks? Then I must now present to you: Philippine. With her bright and luminous vocals, the 21 year old artist stuns you with lyrics about real life experiences, and melodies that you will not be able to forget quickly.

Early in her life, Philippine got intertwined with songwriting. “My mother always used to write her own songs, she for example made up lullabies for my sisters and I, for when we went to sleep. I think that’s why from a very young age, writing songs became something very natural to me.” The older Philippine got, the stronger her love of singing and writing grew. She learnt to play piano and spent most of her time writing songs about all that inspired her. “Almost everything I write is based on personal experiences. I strive to paint a picture as honest and as direct as I can, so that others might recognise themselves in my lyrics.” 

Modern pop music and pop music from the 80s were what inspired the sound of Philippine, which could remind you of artists such as Sasha Sloan and Holly Humberstone. In 2020, she released her first two singles called Gone and Just DancingIn 2021, Philippine will be releasing her new music and she will be touring with Popronde throughout the Netherlands after the summer.

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Tour Dates

April 29th
Popronde Tiendaagse
Q-Factory, Amsterdam


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